Preparing for Snow Removal – Barrie, Ontario, Winter Survival Tips

Everyone knows that Barrie gets a lot of snow. With lake-effect snow from the Georgian Bay and a location in Ontario’s snowbelt, there is an average of almost 100 inches of frozen white stuff to deal with every year. That means you should have a plan in place and be prepared before winter weather starts. If you are not going to do your own snow removal, Barrie has qualified winter maintenance companies.

Snow Removal Equipment List

To deal with all of the snow here in Barrie, your full list of snow clearing equipment could include most or all of the following: a gas powered or electric snow blower, snow shovel, rock salt, deicers, traction control products and a salt/sand spreader. The larger your property, the more likely you are to need a variety of winter gear. At a minimum, you need a good quality snow shovel and a deicer that works well in temperatures way below freezing.

Buying Supplies

It is a good idea to buy snow shovels, rock salt, deicers and other equipment well before the first winter weather warning. Shopping early means you have the best selection, not the leftovers you have to pick through the day before the first big snowfall.

You may want more than one deicer. Many homeowners have a general purpose ice melter, something with traction control for shady spots that stay icy and one that works in exceptionally low temperatures. Dog owners will want a pet friendly deicer. If you have lakefront property or a stream on your land, use an environmentally friendly deicer. The lower salt concentrations make summer lawn care easier and are less harmful to aquatic systems.

Snow Blower Maintenance

If you use a snow blower, make sure it’s ready for winter. Check the oil and inspect the belts, scraper bars and skid shoes. Make sure that all bolts, screws and cords are tight. Do-it-yourself types should change the oil, spark plug and air filter. If you are not sure how to do that, take the blower to your local landscape maintenance and equipment supplier for service. Again, do this well in advance of the first wave of winter weather.

The option of hiring a snow removal service is well worth considering. If you commute to Toronto, much of your day is already spent working and traveling; you might not have enough time to give snow clearing the attention it deserves. Look into landscapers that do both winter work and warm weather landscaping and lawn care. Barrie residents usually find the peace of mind and extra time they gain when hiring a landscape maintenance firm is worth it.


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