Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care Service & Snow Removal Barrie from Tim Summers

What you can except from The Gardener

Whether you live in Tall Trees or Allandale, Letitia Heights or Sunnidale, Minet's Point or Painswick, chances are you spend too much time taking care of landscape maintenance and snow removal.

Barrie resident Tim Summers takes pride in his expertise in the lawn care service trade, and is happy to take the burden off of his clients so they can spend more time doing what they want to do.

Professional Grass Cutting & Lawn Service

Tim is an experienced professional with a penchant for providing timely, thorough service to every client. His areas of expertise include:

Professional Snow Removal & Plowing

The City of Barrie clears the sidewalks of most residential areas, meaning that during a regular snowfall, a good amount of snow is pushed into your driveway and left for you to clear. In addition, large overnight snowfalls can force residents to decide whether to shovel in the morning and be late for work, or attempt to forge out of the driveway, packing it down and making it even more difficult to clear out in the evening. Snow removal is a source of frustration, and can sometimes seem endless.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about keeping up with the tiring winter weather?

Tim has built a loyal following of Barrie homeowners and business owners that rely on his highly attentive service. Get a quote today and start enjoying the peace of mind that your property will be taken care of this winter.

Too busy to get out and cut the grass every weekend? Too tired to spend your evenings hunched over the flower bed weeding and watering? Are you looking for time to get out for a run or do you need to take the kids to practice?

Take a minute to fill out the free, no obligation estimate form below and see if The Gardener can help you find that much-needed and well-earned time. Our extensive selection of landscape maintenance equipment will make designing and creating the healthy, visually pleasing yard you want a breeze. Let Tim show you why he is Barrie's most trusted name in lawn care service.