Ajax Landscaping Maintenance and Fall Landscape Cleanup

A cool, sunny fall day can be the most enjoyable time to work in your yard. With winter weather, snow removal and shorter days just around the corner, it’s also a good time to clean up your landscape and prepare it for winter. If you are not a do-it-yourself type, there are Ajax landscaping maintenance companies that can do the work for you. Here are the most important fall landscaping chores.

Lawn Cleanup for Fall

Once most or all of the leaves have fallen, rake your lawn, collect all the leaves and do a final fall grass cutting. If you have a compost bin, leaves are a great addition. You can also dump them directly on vegetable garden beds. Just don’t let them stay on the turf or sod. Matted clumps of leaves block sunlight and will kill the grass below. They also increase the chances of mold or fungus problems.

Weed Removal

Do not make the mistake of thinking that weeds are about to die in cold weather. Though the foliage will turn brown in winter, the roots will continue to grow, making them all the more difficult to pull when spring arrives. Pull weeds out of your planting beds before winter. Use a weeding fork or similar tool to remove as many of the roots as possible.

Fall Mulching

Fall is the best time to apply a new layer of mulch to your garden and planting beds. Screened and shredded hardwood bark is a durable and attractive mulching material. You are looking for a total depth of about four inches. Usually, an inch or two on top is all you need if the beds have been mulched before.

Depending on the size of your yard, you may want to get a bulk delivery of mulch. It will cost less than bagged mulch, but make sure you have a place to put all of it.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

To avoid more winter mess, inspect your ornamental plants and prune any dead or damaged branches. As a general rule, cut back to the next good branch juncture or intersection. Try to maintain the natural shape and form of the plant. Any plant that flowers in summer or fall can be pruned in late fall. Unless necessary, wait until next summer to prune spring bloomers. Most plants should be pruned shortly after flowers fade.

Inspect Pavers, Fences and Lights

Fall is a good time to inspect hardscape features, lights and any other mechanical or electrical systems. Look for pavers that have shifted; make sure edging is firmly in place. If you have a wood fence, inspect carefully to see if any boards are coming loose. Reattach as need so they don’t break under snow loads and heavy winds. If you have landscaping lights, make sure all the connections are tight and that all bulbs are working.

Complete these tasks and your home landscape will be ready for winter. Remember, for everything from snow removal to grass cutting, Ajax has landscape maintenance providers that can make all your garden chores easier.


What People Say

  • Curb appeal helped make a quick sale!

    Thank you for your team’s quick response time and speedy efforts in getting the yard at my property looking so tidy and giving it amazing curb appeal with the new garden and flowers. The property showed to perfection in the photos and in person, and we received many positive comments. We will recommend you to everyone we know in Peterborough! Thank you!

    Andrea Strano,
  • The Gardener Landscaping team did an amazing job on our front porch, stairs and driveway.
    We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them. Fiona is very professional and we really appreciated her ideas and design. Thank you Gardener Landscaping!

    Janice R. Burlington

    Curb Appeal,
  • Perfection!
    Very satisfied with the thorough and professional job. Even when I ask for specific extras – they go above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

    Glenda F.,Calgary , AB
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