What Does Organic Lawn Care Include

A healthy, green lawn provides lots of opportunity to relax, play and enjoy, but many traditional lawn care programs rely on chemicals and other toxic agents to kill weeds and pests and feed healthy grass shoots.

Today, many homeowners are learning they with an organic lawn care program, they can still have a lush, attractive lawn without having to resort to chemicals that can be harmful to kids, pets and even wild birds. Learn more about the harmful effects of synthetic/chemical treatments here.

Organic lawn care relies on a carefully planned and timed application of organic products and specific methods to keep your lawn looking good.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Before any seeding or feeding can take place, a soil test should be performed to learn about any existing problems or nutrient deficiencies. Soil tests measure your soil’s pH level and nutrients, key components for determining what type will provide recommendations for the application of fertilizer and compost.

This step ensures you’re never treating for something that wasn’t a problem in the first place.

Soil Correction

In this critical step, nutrients essential for a healthy lawn are added back to the soil. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, soil’s three primary nutrients, as well as important micronutrients are added back to the soil through application of natural additives and compost.

Core Aeration

Core aeration involves removing tiny, deep pockets of soil throughout the lawn to break down compacted soils and increase the ability of water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate so grass seeds and plants are able to access them. Aeration also promotes development of healthy root systems.

Even if your soil is relatively loose and easily crumbled, annual aeration is a critical step in making sure your lawn is as healthy as possible throughout the growing season.

Spring Overseeding with Certified Seed


In overseeding, grass seed is sown directly on top of your existing lawn. Overseeding typically is performed after your soil is tested so that amendments can be made to your soil, ensuring it provides a healthy source of nutrients so new grass will grow and thrive.

Although many homeowners may try to save money by buying cheaper grass seed, using certified seed is the best way to guarantee the best germination rates and long-term survival of your lawn. Certification means the seed has met or exceeded specific standards for the seed type or blend and provides homeowners with assurance that the seed they buy will produce a healthy lawn.

Today, there are dozens of grass cultivars and selecting the best options for your lawn can be confusing. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with lawn establishment and care, having a lawn care specialist select the best seeds for your conditions can save significant money and avoid a lot of frustration and headaches.

4 Applications of 100% Organic Fertilizer


Regular application of fertilizer ensures grass is well fed throughout the growing period and especially during periods of stress.

  • First application: Early springThe first application of the year will help prevent weeds and help grass become established, providing young shoots with the nutrients they need to promote greening and crowd out competing weeds.
  • Second application: Late springThis application adds essential micronutrients aimed at developing strong root systems and promoting germination of new seeds as well as encouraging the development of deep green chlorophyll.
  • Third application: SummerSummer is a time of intense heat, and this application helps prevent stress while continuing to provide necessary micronutrients and encourage beneficial microbial activity.
  • Fourth application: FallThe final application provides nutrients necessary for the grass to withstand harsh winter weather while providing another dose of organic matter that will decompose and feed grass over time.


The Role of Compost

Compost provides essential nutrients for your lawn, as well as providing a welcoming home to beneficial microorganisms. While homemade compost can be used, some homemade compost may contain elements not conducive to healthy grass growth, so many homeowners restrict their use to garden beds.

Your lawn care service is a great source of information on the proper use of compost to help your lawn stay healthy and green.


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