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Unionville Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Though most of us do not spend much time in our front yards, we are all interested in making them attractive. A well maintained landscape in front of your house presents a nice face to the neighborhood. As in most Markham communities, Unionville landscaping opportunities for the front yard are limited by lack of space. Here are some ways that landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your home, even when the yard is small.

Front Yard Shade Trees

Even the smallest front yard has room for a shade tree. A large tree will balance the size of your home and create depth. Plant the tree near the front edge of your yard, just a few feet back from the sidewalk or curb. It will make the yard feel deeper, creating the illusion of more space.

Make sure there is a large circle of mulch around the tree; it should be more than three or four feet diameter. If there are other plants close by, expand the mulch to create one large planting bed. It will make grass cutting easier.

A Welcoming Landscape

Your landscape plantings can help welcome guests to your home. Don’t just have a line of shrubs along the front wall of the house. Make a planting bed extend along one side of your front walkway or drive. Bring the plants out to meet your guests along the route they take to the front door. Your yard will feel more welcoming; it’s like bringing the front porch further into the yard.

A Sense of Mystery

The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was known for making entry doors difficult to find. It created a sense of interest and mystery when approaching a home. You can use landscaping to create a bit of mystery in your front yard. Different size trees and shrubs can partly obscure views of your house, changing the perspective and parts of the home that you see as you pass by, whether by car or on foot. Changing views makes a landscape, even a small one, much more interesting.

An Arrival Space

It’s nice to have a small area near your entry door to welcome or say goodbye to guests. In many cases, the front porch serves this purpose. Give the porch a partial sense of enclosure, with some shrubs that are a couple of feet higher than the floor of the porch. It will make the space more comfortable, almost like an outdoor room.

If you do not have a front porch, widen your walkway as it approaches the door. Make it spacious enough for four or five people to stand. Again, strive to create a feeling of enclosure for the space. Even some plants in containers will help.

These are just a few of the possibilities for making your front yard landscaping both interesting and inviting. Your Unionville lawn cutting and landscaping experts can help you with front yard design, turning your landscape into something special.


What People Say

  • The Gardener Landscaping team did an amazing job on our front porch, stairs and driveway.
    We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them. Fiona is very professional and we really appreciated her ideas and design. Thank you Gardener Landscaping!

    Janice R. Burlington

    Curb Appeal,
  • Great Service Calgary North
    As retirees who now travel, we need to be able to trust those who look after our home and yard. Kory and his staff did an amazing job, and for a very fair price. After we returned from a vacation our neighbors shared that Kory and his team completed the snow shoveling exactly as was scheduled; even on the bitterly cold days! We will continue to hire Kory each time we are on vacation.

    Maureen W.,Calgary , AB
  • Five Star Service
    The Gardener Richmond Hill has been maintaining properties in our Family for 9 years now. We are extremely pleased with the service they offer. It has been very reliable, detail-oriented, and prompt – be it for lawn maintenance or for snow removal.

    If you are looking for a worry-free landscaping service, I highly recommend The Gardener.

    Tania M.,Richmond Hill, ON
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