Problems with Lawn Care? Hamilton Grass and Turf Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn often seems like the most difficult challenge a homeowner faces. With pests, weeds, insects and diseases all plotting to take over your patch of green, it is no surprise that many homeowners prefer to let someone else handle their landscape and lawn maintenance. Hamilton, Ontario, has several qualified lawn service companies, but if you prefer to manage your own landscape, here are a few tips for preventing lawn problems before they arise.

Good Soil Equals Healthy Lawn

Maintaining good quality soil for your turf to grow in may be the most important factor in keeping your lawn healthy. If your soil is compacted, nutrient deficient or lacking in organic matter, grass is going to have a hard time growing. Be sure to aerate your lawn every two to four years, particularly if it gets a lot of use. Add organic matter and nutrients in the form of compost topdressing and organic fertilizer.

Control Thatch

Thatch is the buildup of grass shoots and roots that occurs right at the soil surface. A little bit of thatch is okay, but, if it builds up to one-half inch or more, it becomes a breeding ground for insects and fungus diseases. It also makes it harder for air and water to get into the soil, the root zone for your turf. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to dethatch your lawn at the same time that you aerate it.

A dethatching machine works something like a lawn mower with vertical blades that cut down through the thatch. Setting the right height for a dethatcher is tricky. Your lawn care service is a good resource for how to manage thatch in your yard. They can also advise you on the best varieties of bluegrass to plant or use for overseeding. Some cultivars produce more thatch than others.

Go Organic

Synthetic insecticides and industrial fertilizers may be good short term solutions, but they do little for your yard in the long run. Insecticides tend to be indiscriminate, killing good bugs, earthworms, bees and butterflies. There are many good insects that help to control the bad ones, and there are many other small critters that are part of the local ecology.

If you have a pest problem, talk to your landscape maintenance company experts. There are specific organic deterrents available that help to control june beetles, caterpillars and other small pests.

Maintain Your Planting Beds

Keeping healthy shrub, tree and flower beds helps to keep your lawn thriving. Some problems pass back and forth between lawns and beds. Remove pruned branches and other material so that diseases don’t migrate into your turf.

Usually, the best solution for turf problems is to work with professionals in landscape and lawn care. Hamilton is lucky to have The Gardener, your best resource for everything related to home landscape maintenance.


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    This is for Kevin The Gardener Ottawa West. Kevin and his team at The Gardener are the most Professional Service contractors I’ve ever had. They do both our snow removal, and our yard work. I have even received a text message on one or two of the rare days when due to weather they would not be at my house on Thursday they will be on Friday. Who does that! I will continue using the The Gardener as long as I need their services.

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