Industry Leading Lawn Care Service & Snow Removal for Mississauga South by Fernando Da Silva

What you can except from The Gardener

In order to maintain healthy brush and shrubs, it is important to know when you can trim and when you should let them grow. It is this kind of specialized knowledge that separates Fernando Da Silva’s landscape design and property service from others. He has spent nearly a decade honing his expertise while contributing to the local economy in Mississauga, a city he is proud to call home.

Services most often requested by The Gardener’s customers in Mississauga include:

The Most Reliable Snow Plowing for Mississauga

The City of Mississauga requires residents to keep their properties safe & accessible through winter- removing snow and ice from both walkways and sidewalks on ones property. In order to keep up with this requirement, some years, it feels like shoveling snow can take up a lot of your time outside of work.

You might be surprised how affordable contracting a professional to keep your property free and clear of snow is. If you'd like a quote for winter services, complete the form to the right and we'll get back to you promptly. 


A word from Fernando

"Most lawn companies servicing our city are based elsewhere, far off in the GTA,". "We are based and live in this community, which allows us to be more efficient and attentive to our customers’ needs." - Fernando

Fernando goes the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy with the work provided, combing over the details of every job as meticulously as though it were his own property. You may not have the time to keep your property pristine, but we do. Let our award winning customer service guide you through our offerings and update you on the variety of modern equipment our landscape experts will put at your disposal.


Excellent lawn care services

"We do it, you enjoy it" The Mississauga south team holds this truth to their motto. Thank you for the detailed, thorough and pristine work that you do.

Your level of expertise and recommendations hasn't only saved my lawn but has definitely improved the property's curb appeal. The compliments that I receive from my neighbours is a perfect indication that I made the right choice with hiring the Gardener for our landscaping needs.

The service that your Team provides is second to none. If The Gardener does it, you will definitely enjoy it!!

Thank you to the Mississauga South Team." - Maria M., 3 year client

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