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Landscaping Brampton the Environmentally Friendly Way

In an era of growing environmental awareness, homeowners across Ontario are taking steps toward a greener lifestyle. Though it may seem like our home landscapes would not have much impact on the local ecology, there are several ways your home landscaping and lawn maintenance efforts can help make the Brampton and Canadian ecosystems a little bit healthier.

Avoid Invasive Plant Species

As housing and commercial developments continue to consume both farmland and forested green space, the plants we use can help to replace food sources for birds, butterflies and other small creatures. Using regionally native plants with fruits and berries such as elderberry, choke cherry and red osier dogwood is beneficial to local birds.

Invasive exotic plant species are those from other regions that spread uncontrollably when planted here. Common buckthorn and English ivy are two of the worst. They displace native plants and food sources for wildlife.

Herbicides and Pesticides

Most pesticides and herbicides that you buy at your local big box home improvement store are toxic to those same birds, bees and butterflies. Take steps toward organic landscaping and lawn care. Organic fertilizers and compost improve soil structure and result in healthier plants over time. You will have less need for commercial chemicals.

If you are ready for organic lawn care and landscaping, Brampton lawn services such as The Gardener can help you make the change.

Landscape Materials and Products

There is a new wave of eco-friendly landscape products and materials suitable for use at home. If you are considering landscape lighting, LED is the way to go. The lights are extremely energy efficient. In addition to being easy on your utility bill, they are more versatile than standard lights, with lots of colour and style options.

Most manufacturers of landscape furnishings carry products with high percentages of recycled content. The quality has improved significantly in recent years; many of them are nice additions to the backyard and worth considering if you need new patio furniture or a picnic table.

Gasoline Emissions

Emissions from gas powered engines are a major pollution source. The culprits include lawn mowers, tractor trailer trucks and everything in between. Buying locally and regionally produced products cuts down on transportation needs. Using electric lawn equipment and snow shovels instead of blowers when possible is another way to make a difference.

The Gardener is committed to using more sustainable maintenance methods for everything from from lawn care to snow removal. There are ways to be more eco-friendly in every aspect of landscaping. Brampton is a wonderful place to live, especially when we all work together to keep our local ecosystem healthy and green.


What People Say

  • The Gardener Landscaping team did an amazing job on our front porch, stairs and driveway.
    We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them. Fiona is very professional and we really appreciated her ideas and design. Thank you Gardener Landscaping!

    Janice R. Burlington

    Curb Appeal,
  • Great Service Calgary North
    As retirees who now travel, we need to be able to trust those who look after our home and yard. Kory and his staff did an amazing job, and for a very fair price. After we returned from a vacation our neighbors shared that Kory and his team completed the snow shoveling exactly as was scheduled; even on the bitterly cold days! We will continue to hire Kory each time we are on vacation.

    Maureen W.,Calgary , AB
  • Five Star Service
    The Gardener Richmond Hill has been maintaining properties in our Family for 9 years now. We are extremely pleased with the service they offer. It has been very reliable, detail-oriented, and prompt – be it for lawn maintenance or for snow removal.

    If you are looking for a worry-free landscaping service, I highly recommend The Gardener.

    Tania M.,Richmond Hill, ON
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