Steve Puddicombe – Clarington, Port Hope & Courtice's Leading Landscape Maintenance & Snow Removal Expert

What you can except from The Gardener

Steve Puddicombe is proud of the contribution his landscape maintenance service makes to the local economy, and plans to continue making this contribution for years to come. Clarington, Port Hope, Courtice and Bowmanville residents will appreciate Steve's committment to quality.

Steve is a long time resident of Bowmanville and specializes in providing services to put your property a cut above the rest.

Customer Service Matters

The Gardener's award winning customer service makes getting exactly what you want from us a snap. Whether you are looking for straightforward lawn care, maintenance of other landscape elements (shrubs, vines, etc...), or garden design expertise, Steve keeps an open dialogue with customers through the entire process.

Staff at The Gardener are highly experienced and coached by landscape design experts. Combine this with an extensive selection of modern equipment and there are no limits to the level of care Steve can provide your property.

Landscape Service Capability Matters

The Gardener provides numerous lawn, garden and property services to help deal with the ever-changing Canadian climate, such as:

Snow Plowing Services

The Town of Clarington’s sidewalk snow removal policy states that if homeowners do not clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after snowfall stops, they may be fined. Rid yourself of the stress brought on by winter weather and rely on Steve’s dependable winter services.

Snow removal services can include:

  • Salting and ice removal
  • Hand shoveling to your door
  • Walkways and sidewalk clearing
  • Driveway plowing


Just a quick note. I know that it's been the "winter from Hell" but for what it's worth, you guys have blown Carol and I away with the level of service we have received over the past few months. As soon as any snow collects on the driveway/walkway - your truck arrives to take care of it. This might be our first winter with you - but it sure won't be our last.You've done good! Thank you John & Carol

If you think your garden is lacking a certain something, or if you want to improve the approachability of your home but can't find the time to do it yourself, let Steve show you why he is the most trusted landscape maintenance contractor in Bowmanville. Take a moment to request a quote for any service or combination of services you require.