Professional Irrigation Systems Save Time, Money and Resources

An irrigation system is an investment, but not just a financial one. It’s an investment in your quality of life and in the preservation of our most important of natural resources. 

Save Time

  • Our irrigation systems are automated, so you don’t have to give watering a second thought.
  • No more dragging a hose around, switching sprinkler heads and adjusting the sprinkler location
  • No more running out before bed because you forgot the sprinkler was running
  • Remove spot watering from your routine. No more standing on the back deck saturating brown patches while your family hangs out inside.
  • We offer Spring Irrigation Start up service and Winterization services

Save Money

Our automated sprinkler systems are adjusted to deliver water to your garden and yard at the times of day when it will be most efficiently used. You won’t have to worry about the effects over watering could have on your plants or your wallet. Because we can adjust the flow and duration of watering through the season, you’ll only be using enough water to keep your plants in peak condition, and not a drop more. We hope you saved your water bills from last year, because you’ll be shocked when you compare them to this year.

Save Water

The population continues to grow and our freshwater resources are under more stress every day. You can contribute to water conservation in a huge way with our automated irrigation systems. Watering by hand or even with an oscillating sprinkler results in tons of wasted water every day. Reduce your environmental impact by trusting our automated system to use the right volume of water and not a drop more.

Why Choose The Gardener?

The Gardener makes outsourcing your lawn maintenance easy. Our fully uniformed, friendly franchise owners and employees take pride in their work, and are highly trained to ensure that you get the best results possible. We provide you with a wide array of services that you only have to deal with one landscape maintenance provider, and we offer convenient packaged services so your property will be taken care of year round.

Need a little help improving the look of your outdoor property? Complete the form today to request a free quote for an irrigation system installation.