Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care Expertise & Snow Plowing from Augin Tomah in Milton, Ontario

What you can except from The Gardener

Augin Tomah enjoys serving Milton and the surrounding communities, where he delivers the highest quality plowing, landscape and lawn care service at highly competitive prices. He takes pride in offering the greatest possible value to his clients, and he maintains some of the most eye-catching properties in Milton.

With a wide selection of modern equipment, The Gardener can fully meet the needs of any customer through every season. Whether clearing the muddy yard in the spring, removing the brittle, leafy fallout of the autumn or designing complex planting arrangements, The Gardener’s expert customer service department will ensure you get exactly what you want.

Get Snow Removal Milton Too

If you want to enjoy a stress-free winter, booking a flat-rate snow removal service now is your answer. Augin provides highly responsive snow plowing services to both residential and commercial clients, keeping properties safe and accessible and allowing property owners to put down the shovels and park the snow blower.

Join the dozens of satisfied clients and select from a range of services, including: driveway clearing only, hand shovelling of pathways and steps, and reliable snow removal during the worst winter storms.

Services include:

Why not do it yourself?

  • Time savings - Relax after work and on weekends, instead of rushing home to complete the chores that you despise.
  • Expertise - Augin and his staff really know what they are doing, which means your tasks can be done quickly and efficiently, giving you a great looking property.


"Excellent service! They were very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. The team did a wonderful job and it was great coming home to a perfectly maintained lawn.I definitely would recommend and plan on using their services next season. Thanks." - Rose R.

This season, improve your curb appeal and brighten up your community with landscape maintenance by Augin Tomah. Not convinced? We invite you to complete the quick estimate form below for a free, no obligation quote on any of the services mentioned above.

You already have one job – let The Gardener handle the gardening.