Let The Gardener Clean Up After the Storm

Over the past several years there have been severe ice and/or snow storms that have raged across many of Canada's provinces, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to private and public property. After the storm subsided the downed trees and heavy branches were still lying broken in yards months later.

Enter The Gardener. Most homeowners don’t have the time or equipment necessary to clean up the substantial damage left behind by a storm of abnormal proportions. Our people do, and we can start your storm clean up as soon as it’s safe.

Help Your Trees Get Back in Shape

During the ice storm, trees were uprooted, ancient branches were torn from trunks, driveways and walkways were buried under thick ice. And most homeowners could do nothing but spread de-icer and wait for the municipality to come remove the trees.

This year, when a storm hits, call The Gardener and book your storm clean up for the very same day the storm subsides. Our property maintenance experts will:

  • Remove any fallen branches or uprooted trees 
  • Clear away broken branches still attached to the tree that might become a hazard in the future 
  • De-ice and clear your driveway and other walkways 

Taking Care of the Community

Your local Gardener is truly local. Often serving a single city or small area within a city, The Gardener is familiar with all the special details about your community that make it so great, and they’re ready to do whatever it takes to preserve that spark.

When the storm subsides in your community, contact your local Gardener for fast, honest service that will help your property recover from the storm as quickly as it can.