The Top Landscape Maintenance & Snow Removal Contractor in North York West

What you can except from The Gardener

Brandon Barrett prides himself on excellent customer service and the contribution his landscape maintenance and plowing service makes to the local economy. Brandon takes pleasure in designing visually pleasing properties that make our community more appealing to the eye, and he takes special care to maintain a minimal environmental impact - his fleet includes eco-friendly vehicles. Brandon specializes in providing lawn and garden services that will put your property a cut above the rest.

The Customer Comes First

Let the Gardener's first rate customer service show you why we are the favourite lawn and garden care providers in the region. Whether you are looking for basic lawn care, maintenance of landscape elements like shrubs and vines, design expertise, or snow removal, we believe in open communication with customers through the entire process.

Staff at The Gardener are experienced and coached by landscape industry experts. Combine this with a huge selection of modern lawn care equipment and get the best property maintenance results that money can buy. You will be thrilled to learn how affordable these top quality services can be.

What can we do?

The Gardener provides a host of services to help deal with the erratic Canadian climate, such as:

Looking for Professional & Reliable Snow Removal?

Book your snow removal service package as early as possible, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered for the full season. When a winter storm hits, you won't even have to call - we will be on our way.

Services can include hand shoveling of walkways and sidewalks, snow plowing of driveways, and salting/treating for ice.

Please take a moment to request a quote so you can relax this season.