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Get a new lawn instantly with high quality sod

Sometimes, seeding isn’t enough to salvage a tired or damaged lawn and give you a dense carpet of grass. Laying down healthy, new sod can improve resistance to weeds and insects, reduce run off, and dramatically enhance the appearance of your business. It will look better instantly, and you don’t have to try and keep people off it for several weeks while it grows in.

If your lawn is no longer looking vibrant due to weed problems, insect damage, drought, or damage from foot and vehicle traffic, The Gardener’s sod installation services can bring your property back to life. Save yourself the hassle, and let The Gardener bring your property back to life.

Our service includes:

  • Remove any existing turf
  • Add new soil
  • Level the site
  • Install new sod
  • Dispose of the waste

Why Hire a Professional?

There are more benefits to hiring a professional to complete this task for you, besides the obvious savings of time and energy. Our expert installers will ensure that your new lawn is laid correctly, giving you the best possible end result. There is no point in trying to do it yourself if that means half of your new lawn dies off within weeks.  Your business success depends on making a great first impression, let The Gardener help maintain the value and beauty for years to come.

What People Say

  • The Gardener Landscaping team did an amazing job on our front porch, stairs and driveway.
    We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them. Fiona is very professional and we really appreciated her ideas and design. Thank you Gardener Landscaping!

    Janice R. Burlington

    Curb Appeal,
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