Industry Leading Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care Service from Graham Jones in Thornhill, Ontario

What you can except from The Gardener

Long time Thornhill resident Graham Jonesis proud to service the community. He is a seasoned veteran of the lawn care industry, experienced in providing reliable, timely and professional service to each property he attends.

Landscape Maintenance Services 

Enlist Graham to put his years of landscape maintenance experience to work on your property, and spend more time doing what matters to you. The Gardener's standard setting customer service department will help you customize a plan to meet your every need. All staff are mentored by landscape design experts and, combined with an extensive selection of modern equipment, Graham will have your lawn and garden looking pristine all day every day. The summers in Thornhill can be painfully hot, and the winters wet and icy.

The Gardener provides landscape maintenance services to cope with our distinctly Canadian climate, such as:

Snow Removal for Thornhill 

Rather than scrambling to find a plow service in the middle of a winter storm, contract your snow removal needs for the entire season, and allow your winter stress to dissipate. Select from a borad range of services- whether you're looking for complete maintenance of your commercial property, or simply want to outsource your driveway clearing at home, Graham can provide professional and attentive service.

Let us show you why we are the most trusted landscape maintenance provider in Thornhill. Go ahead and request a quote online now for the services you require.

You don't need a second job, let The Gardener handle the gardening and spend your free time on the activities you enjoy.