Call Centre Service Confirmation

AGENT REMINDER: Repeat Back All Information To Confirm Accuracy

Could I please start with your first and last name?

Is there a company name associated with your service estimate? (not required)

Would you like to provide us with an email address to include on your account?

What is your phone number?

What is the service address that you are confirming services for today?

Are you calling to confirm spring or summer services? (check all that apply)

Are you calling to confirm fall or winterservices? (check all that apply)

We really appreciate the opportunity to provide services to your property. I'll ensure the Franchise Owner gets your service confirmation and you should expect to hear from his office manager in order to complete your service and payment details. (if they confirmed snow plowing)

However, you can consider your snow plowing service confirmed as of right now and the Franchise Owner will have you on his snow plow route the next time it snows, even if it's only a few hours from now.

Thank you very much for your call and we appreciate the opportunity to service your property maintenance needs

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