Reliable Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal for North York East from Graham Jones

What you can except from The Gardener

For over 20 years, Graham Jones has committed himself to bringing out the uniqueness of each home owner's property. Let Graham apply his landscape maintenance expertise to your property and see the difference experience makes. Why waste your weekend hours with weeding, cutting, bagging, and planting when you can have The Gardener handle your lawn care needs while you spend your time doing what matters most.

The Professional Touch

The Gardener's award winning customer service and attention to detail will ensure that you get what you want out of your maintenance services. Add to this our wide range of modern lawn and garden care equipment and your property will be looking beautiful year round. Our care is why our fleet includes environmentally friendly vehicles.

You never know when that blizzard will hit, or when your yard will have to suffer through a drought. The Gardener provides landscape maintenance services to cope with every mood of our fluctuating Canadian climate, such as:

Be Prepared For What the Winter Brings: Snow Removal for North York

smart saltPut that shovel down! With the wide range of winter services provided, you can get the ideal solution for your family- whether you need driveway plowing only, or you'd like to outsource all of your sidewalk and walkway shoveling. 

lawn care carYou might be surprised to learn that under a Toronto City Bylaw, homeowners can be fined for failing to clear snow by 11am the day after snowfall. If you're not sure you can keep up, or if you'd rather spend your time doing something you enjoy, request a quote today.

If you wish for a gorgeous front yard or garden; if you want to improve the first impression your home gives but don't have the time or the know how, consider putting The Gardener to work for you.

While you're here, take a minute to get a quote on our landscape maintenance services.