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What you can except from The Gardener

Local resident Kevin Linstead has worked in the landscape industry maintaining lawns in the summer, clearing driveways in the winter and enhancing curb appeal all year round for more than a decade. He has built a reputation of integrity  by providing timely, reliable service. Continually upgrading his education allows him to stay in tune with the ever-changing needs of the modern customer, and the ever-changing needs of our environment. Currently, Kevin is studying to earn his official status as a Prairie Horticulture Technician. Most of our customers don’t have the time to maintain their property as meticulously as they want. Why not let a community leader like Kevin take care of your grass cutting and snow removal.

We provide a host of services, including:

Snow Removal Calgary

You might be surprised to learn that if home and business owners in Calgary fail to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours, the city will contract its removal at the homeowners expense. 

Let The Gardener handle your snow removal needs and enjoy the peace of mind that you will always be able to comply with city bylaws, regardless of what life throws at you. Select from a range of service levels for commercial or residential properties- from driveway or parking lot clearing only, to options that include hand shoveling of sidewalks, walkways, steps and even salting.

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How much time did you lose last year to:

  • Shoveling the driveway at 6am to get to work on time?
  • Climbing over snowbanks to get the snowblower out and clearing a path for the car after a long day at the office?
  • Clearing the snow along your front walkway?

The U.S. National Weather Service, the Farmers’ Almanac and a long list of meteorologists expect a snowy, icy winter.

Homeowners and businesses are already preparing by locking in their snow clearing services for the 2016-2017 winter season. Make sure you get the most responsive, prompt service by signing up today too!

We have a strictly limited number of booking spaces available for this year. It’s how we maintain the service quality we’re known for. Book yours today before it’s too late!

We can’t do anything about the traffic you’re stuck in on your drive home. But we can make sure your driveway is clear and you don’t have to spend another hour in the driveway after your commute home.

How you can get our best price

The most cost effective way to keep your property free of the inconvenience of snow with a seasonal flat rate contract.

Your flat rate contract ensures you:

  • Get quick snow clearing when as little as 3cm of snow has fallen.
  • Pay the best available rate for our snow clearing in Calgary.
  • Know exactly who will show up to dig your property out.

Get consistent service quality all winter.

Get a quote on your snow clearing services online in just a few clicks and see how affordable a personal snow clearing services can be.

All packages include return visits during storms, clearing the snow ridge after your municipal plow comes through and more.

Get your name on the list before space runs out!

Satisfied Customers

"There are many companies in Calgary who can cut grass and shovel snow. But there are very few companies that can provide a full service – like gardening, weed control, fertilization, snow removal and so on - and do a great job of it. We are that company. When you hire The Gardener Calgary, you are hiring a truly professional service." Kevin

"I enjoy the challenge of operating a landscape maintenance business in Calgary. We have such a unique climate which presents new challenges every day. When we rise to these challenges and provide a valuable service to our customers, it is truly rewarding," Kevin

"We were very satisfied with the snow removal service that we received in 2013. Thank you very much for the extra help you gave us when we called you about the ice in front of the garage way and you came yourself to help us late in the evening. We are so fortunate to have the service from you and your dedicated staff who are so attentive to details." - Azita and Ramin

Safe CertifiedTired of seeing your leisure time slip away? Take a moment to request a quote on any combination of services and see how we can help you get that time back.

We do it, you enjoy it.