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If you could use some help keeping your outdoor property looking great through all four seasons, your local Gardener can provide the most dependable service when it comes to grass cutting, lawn care, seasonal yard clean up and more. Make sure your property reflects the best possible image of care by relying on the most professional of the landscape maintenance companies in Canada, and avoid the frustration of having to manage the company you hire for your property maintenance.

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Weekly Grass Cutting Services

Weekly Grass Cutting Services

Doesn't it sound nice to come home from work to the smell of fresh cut grass, knowing that instead of dragging out the lawnmower, you can put your feet up and enjoy the warm weather instead?

Grass cutting by The Gardener has freed up countless hours previous spent on lawn maintenance for hundreds of our busy customers. But we don't stop at saving you time - you'll save yourself the hassle of pushing and cleaning the mower, and you'll save yourself the stares from neighbours if you left your grass cutting for a few extra days.

With dependable lawn cutting services, you can have both the manicured property that looks great, and the free time to enjoy it! Learn more about time-saving grass cutting services, and get a quote today!

Weekly Grass Cutting Services

24/7 Snow Removal Services in Alberta and Ontario

In the winter struck parts of our country, get reliable local service and a flat season rate for snow removal - both commercial and residential. Never have to roll out of bed on a cold winter morning to clear out your driveway or parking lot. The Gardener is known as one of the most dependable snow removal companies around; our clients love the peace of mind that when the snow starts to fall, their snow removal team will automatically be on their way to dig you out.

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