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What you can except from The Gardener

Landscape Maintenance for All Seasons

Paul Eden is a proud and active member of the Richmond Hill community, and finds joy in the contribution his small landscape maintenance & grass cutting Richmond Hill business makes to the local economy. He is the President of the York Region men’s 50+ slo-pitch league, former President of the Richmond Hill men’s slo-pitch league, site coordinator for CIBC’s Run for the Cure for three years, and acts as a Marshall in the Richmond Hill Santa Claus parade for 8 years. He has also spent  5 years in lawn care and 30 years in management and knows that each job requires a personal touch.

A Winter Special Service - Free in Richmond Hill

In the winter, municipal snow plows dump huge mounds of heavy, packed snow on the end of your driveway (a space called the windrow) indescriminately. The Town of Richmond Hill recognizes this is particularly frustrating for seniors, and provides free removal of windrow piles following plowing to seniors that register with the city. It's a completely free municipal service, all you have to do is fill in this form to register.

Dependable Snow Removal

smart saltLet Paul worry about the winter weather, so you don't have to. He is fully trained and insured, and performs this job full time throughout the winter- so you can rest assured that his response time will be much faster than someone providing this work part-time. 

Select from a range of services for both residential and commercial properties- as basic as simple driveway clearing, and as comprehensive as options that include salting, and hand shoveling of entryways and sidewalks. 

It only takes a minute to request a quote for your property online today.

Why not take a crack at it yourself?

People’s schedules are getting busier and busier these days. Considering the stress and loss of leisure time taking care of your own property maintenance causes you, enlisting a professional is a nominal investment into your quality of life.

The Gardener’s Advantage

With an array of modern equipment, The Gardener can confidently meet the needs of any customer all year long. Whatever the season, you can count on losing countless hours cleaning up after Mother Nature. Let the Gardener’s industry leading customer service team create a plan that’s just right for you and your family.


"Hi Paul. Your guy just came to plow the drive. The street is a disaster. With the property and street, there is hardly any place for the snow. That being said he did a terrific job. The drive way looks great. Wanted to say thanks for your efforts. I leave to go to work at 6 am which is too early to have to worry about shovelling. Anyway wanted to say I appreciate your service. Thx again" - Brad

"This has been a very heavy snow winter, and you have handled the workload in an amazing way. My driveway and walkway has always been snowfree. The service has been wonderful. You cannot imagine how wonderful this is as I use a wheelchair, and I never worry about slipping or falling. I wanted you to know how you help me stay safe." - Maxine D.

Our services include: weekly grass cutting, sodding and overseeding, hedge trimming, soil and mulch installations, snow plowing, organic fertilizer and pesticide services, and anything else you need to keep your property looking pristine.

Safe CertifiedThis year, improve your curb appeal and make the most of your free time by taking advantage of landscape maintenance by Paul Eden. You already have one job – let The Gardener handle the garden.