Give your Grass a Boost with Organic Lawn Renovation

Are you looking to improve the overall look of your property? Organic lawn renovation is your environmentally friendly and effective choice is you’re looking to give you grass a boost. 

This complete overhaul includes: 

  • Aeration 
  • Application of organic compost 
  • Spreading of grass seed 
  • Application of starter fertilizer 

Combining aeration with seeding and adding nutrients to the soil delivers a whopping impact in a short amount of time. Within as little as a week, you will notice the condition of your yard beginning to improve.

When to renovate? When to sod?

Organic Lawn Renovations

If your grass is looking a bit dull or thin, our effective combination of aeration, seeding, and fertilizing can give it vibrancy. Individual grass blades die off eventually, so yard is bound to thin out if new plants are never introduced. An overhaul can bring a sparse, but overall healthy yard back to life.

If your turf is heavily thatched and nearly bald in some areas, installing new sod will be the best way to reclaim your curb appeal. Our sodding services including removing and disposing of the old turf, in addition to laying healthy farmed strips.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have the most eye-catching yard on the block? Framing your home with a dense mat of greenery is so important to the overall appearance of your property. Contact The Gardener today to request a free quote for organic lawn renovation.