Fall Yard Clean Up Services Across Canada

You know that it is important to prepare your lawn for winter, but you lack the time or the energy to spend hours doing lawn maintenance chores. The Gardener can ensure that your landscape is well protected throughout unpredictable winters, and save you the trouble of yard work.

Why is a fall yard clean up important?

Fall Yard Clean Up

Putting in some work in the autumn will bring a big payoff in the spring. Turf health is absolutely critical to maintaining an attractive property, and if you neglect your fall chores this year, your grass will suffer, and show signs of neglect when the snow melts and the weather starts to warm up. Do you want your grass to green up early in the spring? Then ensure that raking to remove leaves and thatch is done thoroughly prior to winter.

End the Year with a Final Comprehensive Service

The Gardener’s autumn cleaning service takes care of all of the details for you. Removing leaves and debris from your property, raking, pruning your shrubs and hedges, winterizing your garden, and completing your final grass mowing are all included. All of these activities will protect your landscape through the cold weather, and lead to improved health in the spring. Contact your local Gardener owner to get a free estimate for fall yard clean up today, and see why our customers have sworn by our services for 25 years.