Aeration is the process of removing soil cores from your lawn which provides several benefits to your turf grass.

  • Dropping soil on top of the lawn allows the naturally occurring microbes to break down the thatch that builds up in the grass
  • The holes created allow improved penetration of water, air and nutrients into the root zone
  • Roots that are cut by the aeration process generate new grass plants which helps to thicken your lawn
  • Soil compaction is reduced which improves root growth

Why not just do it yourself?

  • The machine is large and requires a trailer to transport it
  • Renting the machine can cost as much as hiring The Gardener to do it for you
  • Without practise you can easily damage your lawn requiring extensive repairs

Hire The Gardener to Give you Green Grass

Our dedicated franchise owners have several years of experience providing this important service. We’ve done it many times before, and you are guaranteed that we will do it the right way to provide you with the greatest benefit for your investment. Forget about spending your leisure time trying to DIY your lawn care. Contact The Gardener today to request a free estimate core aeration services.

What People Say

  • Curb appeal helped make a quick sale!

    Thank you for your team’s quick response time and speedy efforts in getting the yard at my property looking so tidy and giving it amazing curb appeal with the new garden and flowers. The property showed to perfection in the photos and in person, and we received many positive comments. We will recommend you to everyone we know in Peterborough! Thank you!

    Andrea Strano,
  • The Gardener Landscaping team did an amazing job on our front porch, stairs and driveway.
    We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them. Fiona is very professional and we really appreciated her ideas and design. Thank you Gardener Landscaping!

    Janice R. Burlington

    Curb Appeal,
  • Perfection!
    Very satisfied with the thorough and professional job. Even when I ask for specific extras – they go above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

    Glenda F.,Calgary , AB
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