Unlimited service all winter long that includes driveway plowing, walkway shovelling and salting/sanding. 

Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care Service & Snow Plowing from Rob Corey in Halifax & Bedford

Whatever you need, we can do

With a wealth of experience and modern tools and techniques, Rob Corey is proud to offer the following services:

What you can except from The Gardener

We strive to be environmentally friendly

We use all-natural products that are environmentally safe to help you grow a dense and lively lawn. But it isn’t just the products we use that set us apart. Rob is acutely aware that every property has its challenges. That’s what he loves about this industry. Overcoming the diverse challenges that come with nurturing a variety of landscape projects (and working with our great clients).

One season of beauty?

Some people think landscape maintenance should be reserved for the summer. But by taking good care of your property through the rest of the year you’re going to see even better results in those precious summer months. Take a look at some of our off-season services above, like fall and spring cleanups.

Keep your driveway and walkway clear all winter with priority snow removal. When the municipal plow goes by and dumps a mountain of snow back in your driveway, we'll come back and clear it out again!

All signs point to a frigid winter with towering snowbanks, buried driveways and icy walkways. If you don’t want to miss out on timely, professional snow clearing services, book with Rob today.

Think back to your frustration last year.

  • Waking up early to shovel out a snowed-in car.
  • Pushing your way through a snowy walkway in the dark.
  • Dragging out the snow blower after a long day at the office.

Skip all that hassle this year and book your snow clearing service before it’s too late.

Save with a flat seasonal rate

The most affordable way to ensure your property is accessible when the bad weather hits (and comes back over and over) is booking a seasonal contract with a low flat rate.

By booking a seasonal contract you:

  • Avoid the hassle of calling multiple providers looking for an available snow clearing service during the storm.
  • Secure the best possible rate.
  • Get prompt and predictable service whenever the snow piles up.
  • Feel confident in the consistent quality of service and work.

Get a quote on your snow clearing service online in just a few clicks and see if this is the right fit for your family (hint: it probably is).

All packages include return visits during storms, clearing the snow ridge after your municipal plow comes through and more. We maintain a strict customer limit so our level of service never suffers.

At The Gardener, we’re committed to delivering beautiful and well maintained properties throughout the year. Request a quote today, we look forward to serving you.

Don’t leave your family out in the cold. Book now.