Comprehensive Initial and Ongoing Training for all Franchise Owners

The Gardener's comprehensive training program is designed to give new franchisees the skills to maximize the potential of the franchise and ensure their business is a success. At The Gardener we consider training an ongoing process. Your Gardener business coach is available to help you in every way possible.

Your initial training

The Gardener Landscaping franchising training sessions

The Gardener conducts a one week intensive in-class program prior to the launch of your new territory at our head office in Markham, Ontario. We know change can be stressful and we will do everything to make this process as enjoyable and personalized as possible. For all territories more than five hours driving distance from our offices in Markham, we can bring the training to you. Something nobody else in the industry can do!

During the in-depth classroom training week, all topics relating to running your own franchise within the horticultural industry will be covered by qualified head office staff and other independent experts.

Optional infield apprentice program

This unique program provides the opportunity for new franchisees who have not worked within the landscape industry to work with existing experienced franchise owners in the field and gain valuable firsthand knowledge. This program is available to all new franchise owners for as long as they wish to take advantage of it.

The Gardener training seminars

Training seminars are conducted on an optional and ongoing basis to ensure all franchise owners continue to upgrade their skills and are informed of industry trends. Depending on the topic being covered, these seminars are held either in the field or at The Gardener head office with no expense (aside from travel) to the franchise owner.

Topics covered include pruning, trimming and planting techniques, lawn care trends and many more. These are 100% optional and depending on the topic can be a great way for franchise owners to train staff as they are welcome to attend.

The ongoing support you need moving forward

training and support franchising with the gardener

Your training and support doesn’t end there. The Gardener offers an unparalleled level of ongoing support. With countless years of combined industry experience The Gardener franchise support team is available by phone, email or on-site in your territory.

As a franchise owner you will have the advantage of a never ending transfer of knowledge and assistance. While many independent business owners struggle with decisions, purchases, staffing and other core needs, franchise owners of The Gardener can use the support provided to make the right choices with ease. Your office manager at The Gardener centralized administrative office will be in touch via phone and email almost daily, while your franchise business coach is just as accessible by email, phone or during regularly scheduled site visits.

When it comes to supporting our franchise owners, The Gardener head office will stop at nothing to make sure you are a success.

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