Landscape Maintenance & Snow Removal for Carlisle & Kilbride, by Local Expert Ed Murzin

What you can except from The Gardener

Ed Murzin is known throughout the lawn care industry for his strong work ethic and the personal touches he provides to every yard and garden project. His clients have some of the most pristine properties in Carlisle and Kilbride.

Why hire somebody when you can do it yourself?

Recruiting a professional to undertake your landscape services has several benefits, including:

  • Time savings

no more weekends wasted toiling around the yard.

  • Expertise

Ed and his staff can quickly identify solutions to any unique challenges your yard and garden present.

  • Peace of mind

You can be sure they will do the job right the first time.

Carlisle Snow Removal and Plowing

Ed strives to provide proactive and attentive service, and makes it his goal for homeowners to feel that they are never waiting for his arrival. When the snow starts to fly, rest assured that your local gardener will be on his way to bail you out.

Choose from a variety of snow removal and winter services:

With a wide selection of modern equipment, The Gardener can comfortably meet the needs of any customer year-round. Whether Ed and his knowledgeable staff are clearing the muddy yard in the spring, removing the brittle, leafy fallout of the autumn or designing complex flower arrangements, The Gardener’s expert customer service department will ensure you get exactly what you want. When the snow is thick and heavy, stay warm and dry inside while Ed and his team clear the snow, ice and slush from your walkway and driveway.

Other services include: hedge trimming, sodding and overseeding, soil and mulch installations, lawn care, grass cutting, and more.


"Excellent service... Many thanks to Ed Murzin & Crew for taking terrific care of our home... you have exceeded our expectations in every regard! Cheers!" - Paul b.

Still not sure? Take a minute to request a quote on any of the services mentioned above.

This year, improve your curb appeal and brighten up your neighbourhood with landscape maintenance by Ed Murzen. You already have one job – let The Gardener handle the garden.